(Laser-guided Pulley alignment instrument)

Features & benefits:

  1. Proven in harsh environments
  2. Extremely robust - nickel plated brass
  3. Measurement span up to 8m
  4. Ensuring precise alignment for all drives
  5. Easy to use without any special training
  6. Small compact and handy equipment

Digital Tension Meter

Features & benefits:

  1. Non-contact measurement with repeated accuracy
  2. Large range of measurement from 10Hz to 600Hz
  3. High level of accuracy
  4. Evaluation of the quality of measurement results
  5. Suppression of background noise
  6. Universal measuring head for convenient measurement
  7. Detachable measuring sensor for narrow spaces

Analog Tension Tester

Features & benefits:

Proper Belt tension is essential for optimum power transmission and also for the life of the Belt.

To ensure optimum V-Belt drive operation, it is recommended to check the tension in the Belts by measuring the deflection force value (N) with the help of a tension measuring device.

Belt tension in most of the drives can be checked with adequate reliability by means of PIX V-Belt Tension Tester.

PIX Belt Length Measure Finder

PIX Belt Length Finder is used for checking the length of the Belt, where size on the Belt is not clearly visible. It can also be used to confirm the size of the Belt.

There are two types of Length finders

  1. Dual-pulley &
  2. Flat Pulley

The maximum Belt length which can be measured with these length finders is up to 120 inches.

Belt length measurement procedure

  1. Place the Belt on the upper half of the pulley, which is fixed.
  2. Slide down the lower half of pulley with the Belt along the scale till the Belt gets sufficiently stretched.
  3. Marker at the lower position of the bottom half will show the reading in mm / inches.
  4. Note down the reading and compare it value with the Belt size mentioned on the Belt.

To order, please contact us at info@pixtrans.com

Pulley Gauges

PIX Pulley Gauges are specially designed for checking the profiles of the grooves of various conventional and dual section pulleys.

Groove checking procedure

  1. Identify the pulley gauge to be used according to the section.
  2. Measure the groove by inserting the gauge. Identify if any clearance lies between the side-walls of groove & the gauge.
  3. Measure the present clearance using a Feeler Gauge.

To order, please contact us at info@pixtrans.com

Angle Gauge

PIX Angle Gauge / Belt Profile Gauge is a simple tool to determine the Belt section, If the Belt marking or the printed label is not visible.

Insert the Belt in the profile, which is made on Angle Gauge / Belt Profile Gauge for deciding the exact belt profile.

This is a sole template which can be used to judge the cross-sectional dimensions (Top width, thickness & included angle) of all wrapped belts w.r.t. profiles made on the gauge. It is light weighted, handy stencil, easy to understand and ensures effortless use.

To order, please contact us at info@pixtrans.com

Poly-V Belt Wear Gauge

PIX-Pentagon is used as wear measurement gauge for Poly-V Belts. Wear in ribs, belt thickness and cracks can be identified using PIX-Pentagon

Accessory kit

Now you do not have to buy all the components separately. Here comes the service kit which comprises of all the accessory tools besides the regular ones, needed while you are on the task.

This compact service kit comprises of the below components, which are essential for the maintenance of the drive.

  1. Digital tension Meter
  2. Vernier caliper
  3. Angle gauge
  4. Pulley gauges
  5. Laser alignment tool
  6. Tension tester
  7. Measuring tape
  8. LED Torch
  9. Calculator
  10. User's guide
  11. Note Pad
  12. Pen

To order, please contact us at info@pixtrans.com