• Driver

    A shaft connected to a power source (usually Motor) on which pulley OR Sprocket is mounted.

  • Driven

    A shaft connected to a application where work need to be performed.

  • Motor Power/Horsepower

    Its rating OR capacity of a motor, usually mentioned on motor with other details.

  • Driver Speed

    Its motor shaft revolutions per minute (RPM). This information is typically found on plate attached to the motor.

  • Driven Speed

    It is a revolution per minute of driven shaft with respect to mounted pulley OR sprocket. This can be derived from the formula = ((Driver Pulley dia./Driven pulley dia.)X Driver RPM) & for sprockets, tooth count may be used in place of diameter.

  • Centre Distance

    This is the distance between centers of the driver shaft & driven shaft.

  • Service Factor

    A factor need to be considered while designing a drive that allows it to operate without damage. The correct service factor is determined by

    1. The extent & frequency of peak loads.
    2. Number of operating hours per day.
    3. Design of the motor.