PIX – Gallant® Heavy Duty, High Power Belts

PIX is delighted to announce the launch of 'PIX-Gallant Belt', which are suited for the drives designed for accomplishing toughest tasks, for example mining, construction, forestry, manufacturing etc.


Maintenance Tips

There are several reasons, which may result in the failure of the drive.

Preventive maintenance provides increased life of the belt and the drive components. It is recommended to inspect the belt and the drive on regular intervals.

We have compiled some of the causes contributing to the premature failure of the V-Belt drive.

Click here to blow-up the preventive maintenance chart for a V-Belt drive.

We cordially invite you to visit our stand at MIMS automechanika show, which is being held at Moscow, Russia from 21-24th August, 2017.

We would be showcasing our latest range of high temperature EPDM Poly-V and HSN Timing Automotive Belt, with a focus on the high-end CVT Belts.